Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015

This is me

I always have a million projects in my head about writing, painting, to photograph, performance, speaking, singing, working with people.

I have always felt an interest in many different creative things and I thought I had to choose one. 

I had many projects time after time but none of them worked out. It was really frustrating. That was until now. I thought I needed to get some ideas out of my head, but I didn´t know which one.

But, eventually, instead of striving to choose one of the things I like, I should mix them all. In the end, my life is about all these things I love. I love doing them all. This is me.


  1. I can very much relate to this Angelika! It´s sometimes about blendig all that is in us, not always an easy task. There is a reason, why you are gifted that much, maybe because the potential to deal with it all is also there ;-)

  2. Ich lese Ihre Bloggs seit längerem und habe jeweils viele gute Impulse für mich selbst. Oft sprechen Sie mir aus der Seele und heute war es ein volltreffer. Soviele Ideen die umgesetzt werden möchten...
    Vielen Dank für diese guten Worte und das ich jetzt weiss es geht auch andern menschen so :)))
    Herzlichst Karin

  3. liebe karin,

    danke für ihre worte!

    ja, wir sind nicht allein :-)

    herzlich, angelika